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3ds Max Backburner 2017 Distributed Rendering not working Bug [solved]

3ds Max 2017. Backburner. Distributed Rendering. Mental Ray.

These buzzwords all come with the 3ds Max package. You can use them for free and you normally expect things to work after you installed everything.

But hey! No! Autodesk f***ed it up, of course. They can’t even manage to update some internal registry names and ports from 2016 to 2017.
Because THATs one of the reasons, the backburner 2017 is not working properly.


How to fix mental ray distributed rendering 2017:

The issues is that mental ray services are running with a wrong name and wrong network port.

They mixed up „mi-raysat_3dsmax2016_64 7523/tcp“ with „mi-raysat_3dsmax2017_64 7526/tcp“

You can read more about this here:

Thanks to Jens Diemer, he put together a one-click-solution with a python script:
Direct Download: -> https://github.com/jedie/3dsmax_patches/archive/master.zip


How to fix mental ray firewall port for windows firewall:

Also, if you like to use backburner on multiple machines, you need to open the IN port 7526 on TCP in the windows firewall on each machine.

I created a little batch file, that you can simply run as admin to quickly set the according firewall rule (tested on Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit).

Copy paste this to a txt file and change the extension to .bat – or download the batch file here.

set PORT=7526
set RULE_NAME=“3ds Max 2107 mentalRay DistributedRendering Port %PORT%“

netsh advfirewall firewall show rule name=%RULE_NAME% >nul
if not ERRORLEVEL 1 (
rem Rule %RULE_NAME% already exists.
echo Hey, you already got a out rule by that name, you cannot put another one in!
) else (
echo Rule %RULE_NAME% does not exist. Creating…
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=%RULE_NAME% dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=%PORT%


Happy rendering!

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